Secret Tape In
  • Get longer, thicker, and more stylish hair with Secret Tape In hair extensions
  • Add new colors to your natural hair without chemicals
  • The Secret Tape technology creates a seamless and comfortable experience without damaging your hair
  • Reusable up to 5 times, and typically last between 6-8 weeks before refitting
  • Made from the best quality hair that can be washed, styled, and colored
  • Enjoy the natural texture and convenience of dry styling on the go.
Nano Tape In
  • Get the length, thickness, style, and color of your dreams with Nano Tape Extensions
  • Nano technology strands designed specifically for the edges of your head or fine hair
  • Combine with Secret Tape application for an undetectable, natural look
  • One pack of Nano Tape + 3 packs of Secret Tape for the ultimate transformation
  • Perfect for adding highlights, lowlights, and blended shades to match your natural hair
  • Available in convenient 60 strand packs for easy application
Clip In Extensions
  • Clip In Hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair solution.
  • They can be worn on and off without any professional assistance.
  • Clips can last up to 5 years if properly maintained and can be colored, styled and washed, just like natural hair.
  • Clip In extensions can add length, thickness, style and color to your natural hair.
  • They come in sets of different sizes that fit the needs of any user. Most common sets contain 2 pieces that are 27 cm and 22 cm width.
Wefts & Bulk

Weft Hair Extensions are a permanent hair solution made from Natural Hair that is stitched to your own hair. Wefts are reusable (up to 5 times) and can typically last between 6-8 weeks before you need to get them refitted. Weft hair extensions are made from the best hair quality that can be washed, styled and colored or just dry on the go due to its natural texture. 

Keratin Bonds (Ice)

Keratin hair extensions or Ice Hair extensions are a permanent hair solution that consist of tiny strands of Natural Hair that are bonded. They can create length, thickness, style and add new colors to your natural hair (without using chemical coloring). It is currently the most seamless bonded application. Keratin hair extensions are reusable (up to 5 times) and can typically last between 6-8 weeks before you need to get them refitted.

Tools & Accesories

Most professional hair extension solutions require the help of tools, supplies, and accessories. You'll find everything from glues and tapes to stainless steel tools, to make your hair experience perfectly flawless. Our products are reliable and trustworthy. Perfect hair installs abound! 

Hair Care Collection

Enrich your hair extensions life! Using the perfect hair care will improve long lasting extensions and hair. Our Nutritive Hair Care line is designed specifically for hair extensions.