Hair Quality

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L'Orvine Hair extensions are made entirely from Virgin raw human hair from single donors. Raw Hair means that the hair is untouched, unprocessed or unaltered, cuticle aligned and collected from a single human donor. For example the hair growing out of your scalp, if not dyed; bleached; permed; textured etc. is what we refer to as raw. 

With the hair being in its purest form, it is wefted into 100g bundles and grey hairs or any possible nits are manually removed in the process. All textures are naturally occurring and the only thing we do to the hair is wash, disinfect (so it's safe for us to use) condition and sun-dry before the dying process. The craftsmanship is just as important as the technique. This is vital to the durability and longevity of the hair extensions. We do not use collected or multiple donor hair because it causes tangling and short longevity.

L'Orvine Hair ethically sources healthy hair from 100% human donors in South East Asia. We have carefully vetted and tested our hair and confidently stand behind our products.