Counting down the top 10 reasons to choose L'Orvine Hair.

1. INSTANT LENGTH: When it comes to your hair, instant gratification is a good thing. We don’t think you should have to live with a bad haircut or hair that just won’t grow fast enough. L'Orvine Hair extensions will give you long hair without the wait.

2. ADD VOLUME: A set of L'Orvine Extensions will transform your hair from flat to voluminous for that sexy fullness you’ve been longing for.

3. COLOR YOURSELF: Craving a change but don’t want to dye your hair? Experiment with highlights that never grow out.

4. ENJOY HAIR STYLE OPTIONS: We think a girl should have options. Try out a new hairstyle for special events like a wedding, prom, or a hot date. Nothing planned? Rock a new ‘do every day of the week!